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What advice can you give aspiring animators in the Philippines?
Commenting on the launch of the new initiative, Managing Director of the Dubai International Film Festival, Shivani Pandya, said: "The inception of the Young Animators Award is exciting for DIFF and one that we hope will capture the boundless imagination of young filmmakers.
Multimedia artists and animators typically specialize in one form of media.
The digital space in which these animators work is, in my imagination, a cold and indifferent void in which components are simply fabricated.
Participation is free and open to all, and final accepted animators will be credited and have profiles on the official website.
Most of your training would be on the job, learning from more experienced animators.
He is best known for his work at Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he was supervising animator of the Genie in Aladdin, co-director of Pocahontas and supervising animator of Phil in Hercules.
Animation Forum WM project manager David Allen said: "The event is open to animators and designers of all levels, along with anyone else who's interested.
Computer animators find hair tricky to portray realistically because it contains so many strands and because these strands respond in complex ways to light, wind, head motion, and each other.
The producers of the hit CBC television after-school cartoon Chilly Beach are running mad looking for 2-D animators, Flash programmers and designers to fill the 50 new positions they have just created.
And to ensure that each movement follows correctly from one frame to the next, the animators depend on the coordinate system (set of numbers that determines an object's position along the x- and y-axes).