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The multi-disciplinary approach of the Annales school can, I believe, provide the means for exercising the historical imagination necessary for better understanding the circumstances which led to the first divisions within the churches.
While Wright probably never intended her poem to be viewed through the lens of the Annales school and while the Annalistes probably never intended for their ideas to be applied to a poem, there is, nonetheless, a benefit in doing so.
Two hundred years of auroral activity (1780-1979)', Annales Geophysicae, 5A(3), 161-168 (1987)
The subtitle of the journal La Belgique Horticole had the variations Annales d'horticulture belge et etrangere and Annales de botanique et d'horticulture during the period 1851-1885 when the 35 volumes were published in Liege.
The sources are the Mabinogion, the 9th century Historia Brittonum and the 10th century Annales Cambriae, and the book is complete with a guide to people and places and Welsh pronunciation.
For this was the era of the new social history, influenced strongly by the Annales School, economic history, the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure, the new labour history, and (probably least of all) the emerging discipline of historical archaeology.
His Annales of Elizabeth I's rule established what were to be seen as the central issues of that queen's reign for centuries, and, at least in the hands of his translators, laid the foundations for the legend of Good Queen Bess.
Subnational selections--for example, the many regional studies in France characteristic of the Annales school--may be more carefully justified in terms of internal coherence and demonstrable distinctiveness, though even here a certain amount of routine may prevail.
On decouvre l'incroyable multiplication des << zelateurs et zelatrices >> des Annales de Saint-Joseph (p.
The author calls it a sketch and promises a companion volume to 'probe the minds, values and material worlds of the Irish Protestants', perhaps in the Annales tradition?