Anno domini

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ANNO DOMINI, in the year of our Lord, abbreviated, A. D. The computation of time from the incarnation of our Saviour which is used as the date of all public deeds in the United States and Christian countries, on which account it is called the "vulgar vera."

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For his part, Anno Domini had to be driven out to win and, as such, it is debatable whether he showed any improvement on his Windsor Castle debut fifth to win this.
Ever since scandal enveloped his life and persistent injury reminded him that anno domini eventually extracts its heavy toll on all professional sportsmen, Woods has grown used to the clamour to construct his career obituary.
When I asked him whether anno domini was taking its toll, he answered with a wry smile, "If I spend an afternoon gardening I am completely knackered, but when I am in the workshop I seem to have endless energy, almost as though the clay is giving something back." It is true that if you are used to throwing 20 pounds of clay at a time, it keeps you fit and Batterham can make an amphora nearly three feet high in three pieces each of 16 pounds of clay and then add a thrown top.
As we mark the years following Christ "Anno Domini," ecologists might demarcate "Before Fossil Fuels" from "After Fossil Fuels" to help all thinking beings see we have encountered our biggest challenge to life on Earth in history.
Before the onset of Anno Domini, the Chinese treated boils with moldy soybean curds and Ukrainian peasants armed themselves with moldy cheese to kill bacteria and prevent infection.
Dennis the Small, who was born in Eastern Europe, is credited with being the "inventor" of the modern calendar and the concept of the Anno Domini era.
But did you know that he was the first to use those letters AD (Anno Domini - the year of the Lord) to give a date to the year!
END OF AN ERA: British Christians were incensed after the state-funded BBC decided to replace "BC" (Before Christ) and "AD" (Anno Domini, or Year of the Lord) with the more neutral terms "BCE" (Before Common Era) and "CE" (Common Era) in its broadcasts.
The exhibition, curated by Norman Rosenthal, was a selective survey of Schnabel's work--all paintings except for a single sculpture--including three super-large tarpaulins in the opening gallery: a sweeping gestural work, "Anno Domini" (1990); a standing portrait of "Catherine Marie Ange" (1990); and another abstract gestural work, "Portrait of Rula" (2010).
Geographical or administrative names cause particular difficulties, e.g., the "Doors of Cilicia" instead of "Gates"; "Iranic" instead of "Iranian"; and the curious noun "Porphyrogenite." Above all, the press has translated even the work's title incorrectly into English: Anno Domini dates, of course, follow the letters AD rather than vice versa.
At an unlikely warehouse in an office park south of Ukiah, get free tastes of everything--including the $350-per-bottle Anno Domini. Call 800/782-8745 for an appointment.