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In 2016, I received a statement that I would need to pay Dh500 as annual fees and they reversed it later, even though I insisted on cancelling the card.
These annual fees shall encompass the full term of office of the board of directors.
Sometimes cards have an introductory interest rate of zero but will eventually shoot up, and others have annual fees that only kick in after a year.
Riyadh: Riyad Bank's new offer allows applicants to get credit cards without annual fees for life.
on the need to update the annual fees for perpetual usufruct of land
The three channels whose signal is carried by Velister are in dispute with the platform over annual fees.
Florida Bar members are now receiving their 2013-14 fee statements, reflecting no increase in annual fees, which are payable July 1 and late after August 15.
The annual fees for power reactors and uranium recovery facilities have decreased, while fees for spent fuel storage facilities, non-power reactors, fuel facilities, most materials users and Department of Energy's uranium recovery and transportation increased.
In addition, petrol-powered private and public cars with a engine capacity of over 3000cc will pay annual fees upon first registration and each annual license registration.
A new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that annual fees and service fees have increased over the past year while penalty chargesAu which are subject to the new federal regulationsAu remained largely unchanged.
For many companies in China, expensive annual fees set by Alibaba and other leading B2B providers becoming an obstacle for them to use e-commerce.
Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) is experimenting with charging customers with new annual fees.

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