annual general meeting

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annual general meeting (AGM)

a compulsory general meeting of a company required under the Companies Acts; this is in addition to any other meetings in that year. The annual general meeting must be designated as such in the notices calling it. It is at the annual general meeting that dividends are decided. The company's accounts are considered and the directors' and auditor's reports are put before the shareholders. It is the occasion when directors are appointed in place of those retiring and where their remuneration and conditions are fixed. The annual general meeting is an important safeguard for shareholders since it is the one occasion when they can be sure of having an opportunity to question directors on the accounts, on their report and on the company's condition and prospects.
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Boston Omaha Corporation (NASDAQ:BOMN) stated on Wednesday that it will hold its 2019 annual shareholder meeting on 8 June 2019.
Provident Bank will donate to the United Way to support local programs in the Hudson Valley with the savings resulting from moving from an in-person annual shareholder meeting to a virtual meeting.
"At last year's annual shareholder meeting, we announced our partnership with the Geisinger Health System, one of Pennsylvania's leading health care providers, to open in-store health clinics in a number of our stores," said Rich.
Also, while KO members hold shares in 400 listed companies, many of these companies still hold their annual shareholder meetings on the same day in late June.
Commerce Bancshares Inc.'s annual shareholder meeting is set for 9:30 a.m.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 25, 2018-Northeast Indiana Bancorp establishes 23rd annual shareholder meeting sate and declares dividend of USD0.24 per share for quarter
"I had this vision that I would be at an annual shareholder meeting one of these days, and someone would ask me one of those [corporate governance] questions, and I don't like to be on the defensive.
United Airlines executives faced questions about ending its discount for the National Rifle Association as well as over how it treat its workers at its annual shareholder meeting, Reuters reports, citing the meeting.
Global Banking News-January 26, 2018--Northeast Indiana Bancorp sets annual shareholder meeting date, declares dividend
Pacholder High Yield Fund Inc (NYSE MKT:PHF) on Thursday stated that its 2017 annual shareholder meeting was held on 10 May 2017 in New York City and disclosed the results of the meeting.
The proposal to declassify will appear on the ballot at the company's 2018 annual shareholder meeting, and requires the support of the holders of 70% of outstanding shares of the company's common stock to be adopted.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 27, 2017-Northeast Indiana Bancorp declares dividend of USD0.22 per share and annual shareholder meeting results

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