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annual general meeting (AGM)

a compulsory general meeting of a company required under the Companies Acts; this is in addition to any other meetings in that year. The annual general meeting must be designated as such in the notices calling it. It is at the annual general meeting that dividends are decided. The company's accounts are considered and the directors' and auditor's reports are put before the shareholders. It is the occasion when directors are appointed in place of those retiring and where their remuneration and conditions are fixed. The annual general meeting is an important safeguard for shareholders since it is the one occasion when they can be sure of having an opportunity to question directors on the accounts, on their report and on the company's condition and prospects.
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The Annual Shareholders Meeting of BASF SE elected the following shareholder representatives as members of the Supervisory Board:
More than 80% of the companies, which held annual shareholders meeting between June 24 and 29, published their shareholders meeting notification on their corporate websites prior to the meeting.
The Annual Shareholders Meeting re-elected Stuart E Graham, Johan KarlstrE[micro]m, Fredrik Lundberg, Sverker Martin-LE[micro]f, Adrian Montague, Charlotte StrE[micro]mberg, Matti Sundberg and PEnr Eustberg.
The issue is based on the authorization from the annual shareholders meeting held on April 27, 2006.
In accordance with Northstar's bylaws and applicable SEC regulations, notice of shareholder matters proposed for consideration at the 2007 Annual Shareholders Meeting must be received by Northstar in proper form by the close of business on January 8, 2007.
This call for the annual shareholders meeting has been placed on the corporate website found at www.
Shareholders approved the election of 10 directors - including eight Class A common stock directors and two Class B common stock directors - to serve until next year's annual shareholders meeting.
There were 15,351,186 shares of the Company's common stock outstanding as of the Record Date for the annual shareholders meeting, and approximately 91% of those shares were represented at the meeting in person or by proxy.
The proxy statement and proxy, along with the company's previously filed annual report on Form 10-K, will be mailed to shareholders of record as of April 1, 2005, in advance of the company's annual shareholders meeting to be held at the Westin Galleria Hotel, 13340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas, at 8 a.
The Company's Annual Shareholders Meeting is scheduled to be held on May 25th at 10 a.
BOISE, Idaho -- Company Anticipates Announcing Dividend Policy at Annual Shareholders Meeting

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