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An examination or investigation; the right to see and duplicate documents, enter land, or make other such examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence.

The inspection of documents relevant to issues in a lawsuit is an important element of discovery.


noun appraisal, ascertainment, careful scrutiny, critical examination, critical viewing, critique, evaluation, examination, exploration, inquest, inventory, observation, perusal, reconnaissance, scrutiny, study, surveillance, survey, trial, visual exxmination
Associated concepts: audit, authority to inspect, inspection for patent or latent defects, inspection of premises, inspeccion of records, on sight inspection, subject to inspection
See also: care, contemplation, cross-questioning, deliberation, diligence, discernment, discovery, examination, experiment, indagation, interrogation, judgment, observation, probe, research, scrutiny, study, supervision, surveillance, test, trial

INSPECTION, comm. law. The examination of certain articles made by law subject to such examination, so that they may be declared fit for commerce. The decision of the inspectors is not final; the object' of the law is to protect the community from fraud, and to preserve the character of the merchandise abroad. 8 Cowen, R. 45. See 1 John. 205; 13 John. R. 331; 2 Caines, R. 312; 3 Caines, R. 207.

INSPECTION, practice. Examination. 2. The inspection of all public records is free to all persons who have an interest in them, upon payment of the usual fees. 7 Mod. 129; 1 Str. 304; 2 Str. 260, 954, 1005. But it seems a mere stranger who has no such interest, has no right, at common law. 8 T. R. 390. Vide Trial by inspection.

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Accordingly, Chairman's Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI and MT) conducted annual inspection of all regional bureaus of NAB and highlighted their strengths and weaknesses on the basis of Partly Quantified Grading System (PQGS).
Along with that annual inspection, customers should change furnace filters according to the manufacturer's instructions to receive the best possible value for their heating dollars.
First of all the very fact of conducting the annual inspection of these three primary schools was totally ill-planned.
Parents believe that the annual inspections should be a surprise move as advance notice gives schools an opportunity to hide any problems that could reduce their rankings.
Having promoted Taras, Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats went on to address the whole Squadron regarding their annual inspection, saying: "I am pleased to say that this year's inspection has seen an improvement in the Squadron's performance and with the help of the new staff that the unit has attracted, the future is looking good for 121 Squadron in 2013".
Schedule and complete an annual cleaning if the above items are not included in your roofing contractor's annual inspection.
Chief constable David Bradley, Huddersfield mayor Ald N Day and the inspector of constabulary, Sir Charles Martin, are chatting to Pc John Shaw in this 1961 picture of the annual inspection at the Drill Hall.
The Mayor of Bootle, Alderman Hugh Baird, is joined by council members for their annual inspection of the town's fire brigade, watching a fireman with the then latest breathing apparatus descend into a smokefilled chamber during a training exercise on June 11, 1959 Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
It oversees the MoT certificate system for cars, the annual inspection of Heavy Goods Vehicles and the annual inspection of Public Service Vehicles.
Rye Fire Chief Richard O'Brien says the center failed its annual inspection and will remain closed until wiring and exit issues have been addressed.

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