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noun absence, break, breather, cruise, day off, escape, excursion, holiday, interval, jaunt, leave, leave of absence, paid vacation, respite, rest, rest and recuperaaion, sabbatical, time off, tour, trip, voyage, week off
See also: abdication, abolition, absence, ademption, avoidance, cancellation, countermand, defeasance, furlough, holiday, leave, pause, recess, relinquishment, resignation

VACATION. That period of time between the end of one term and beginning of another. During vacation, rules and orders are made in such cases as are urgent, by a judge at his chambers.

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A judge of the Federal Circuit Court found that our member was entitled to accrue annual leave while absent from work and receiving workers compensation payments.
More recently, the EAT held in the case of Plumb v Duncan Print Group that 'at most' accrued annual leave should be taken within 18 months from the end of the leave year in which it accrued.
Where a worker's service is terminated, he shall be entitled to annual leave in respect of fractions of the last year.
If the law could focus on curbing exploitation and ensuring fair treatment and good living conditions for workers, they might start enjoying work and maybe, the need for annual leave might not arise.
Country Annual leave Public holidays Total 1 Russia 28 12 40 2 Italy 24 12 36 2 Sweden 25 11 36 4 Finland 25 10 35 4 France 25 10 35 4 Norway 25 10 35 7 Denmark 25 9 34 7 Spain 22 12 34 9 Germany 20 9 29 9 Ireland 20 9 29 9 Switzerland 20 9 29 12 UK 20 8 28
Almoayed said the previous Labour law entitled people to 21 days of annual leave, but recent changes had pushed that up to 42 days, of which 30 are working days.
Mr Morgan said: "Consideration should be given to designing a standard procedure for recording absences including annual leave, sickness etc, and present the system as a corporate solution.
7 million workers in the West Midlands enjoy just six days or less out of their average 24 days annual leave because the rest is taken up with domestic admin.
A Spanish collective agreement did not allow for workers to postpone annual leave where it coincided with sick leave for general ill health.
General Secretary Bob Crow said: "We are not opposed to new technology but we are clear that any changes that may arise should be accommodated through a shorter working week, additional annual leave and the right to retire at 55 on full pension entitlement.
Therefore, FPD firms notified their workers to take mandatory annual leave, a far cry from the requirement of overtime works a year earlier.
It emerged Longford County Council manager Tim Caffrey was entitled to 42 days annual leave.

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