Annual pension

ANNUAL PENSION, Scotch law. Annual rent. A yearly profit due to a creditor by way of interest for a given sum of money. Right of annual rent, the original right of burdening land with payment yearly for the payment of money.

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You were clearing an annual pension of four millions; you never observed me; and you find out there is such a person in the world, just at the moment you - "
The meaner families who have children at these nurseries, are obliged, besides their annual pension, which is as low as possible, to return to the steward of the nursery a small monthly share of their gettings, to be a portion for the child; and therefore all parents are limited in their expenses by the law.
ROYAL Bank of Scotland shareholders reacted angrily after Sir Fred Goodwin refused to hand back any of his pounds 703,000 annual pension.
Annual pension payments are between pounds 13,000 and pounds 24,674, the figures reveal.
By 2008, a union member will receive an annual pension of $1,800 multiplied by the number of years worked; for example, a 30-year veteran would get $54,000 per year in retirement.
Figures calculated by Abbey National show that a 24-year-old worker who delays starting a pension for 10 years ends up paying an extra pounds 53 per month - an extra pounds 19,716 if they wish to retire at 65 on an annual pension of pounds 10,000.
1, 1992, the corporation changed its method for determining the calculated value of the assets of its pension plan for purposes of calculating annual pension cost under FASB Statement No.
This transaction does not affect normal annual pension payments, just the scheduled payments which financed the unfunded accrued liabilities.
Only one in five workers realised that they would have to save pounds 250,000 just to have an annual pension of pounds 15,000.
The pounds 63,000 annual pension and pounds 25,000 for his career in Parliament would help ease the plight of the former ASW workers .
However women are still likely to have a lower income than men, expecting to retire on an average of pounds 16,580 a year, while men expect an annual pension of around pounds 20,541.
Sheriff Sherman Block's widow continues to scrape by on her $264,000 annual pension.
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