Annual pension

ANNUAL PENSION, Scotch law. Annual rent. A yearly profit due to a creditor by way of interest for a given sum of money. Right of annual rent, the original right of burdening land with payment yearly for the payment of money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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You were clearing an annual pension of four millions; you never observed me; and you find out there is such a person in the world, just at the moment you - "
The meaner families who have children at these nurseries, are obliged, besides their annual pension, which is as low as possible, to return to the steward of the nursery a small monthly share of their gettings, to be a portion for the child; and therefore all parents are limited in their expenses by the law.
Last week, Winters called some of the bank's investors "immature" after they labelled his annual pension of GBP474,000, or 40% of his cash salary, as too high, the FT reported.
A 3% compounded cost-of-living increase, the standard in all of the pension systems except IMRF, raises a $50,000 annual pension to $67,196 in a decade.
If the CVA is approved, Arcadia plans to reduce its annual pension contributions from PS50 million to PS25 million for three years.
However, since 2010 the board of trustees of PTET started exercising its powers according to the Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganisation) Act 1996 which approved disbursement of annual pension increases to retired PTCL employees separate from the government.
So if you earn PS24,500, you'll have total annual pension contributions of PS1469.76 from April, compared to PS1960.64 if based on full earnings.
So if you earn PS24.5k you'll have total annual pension contributions of PS1,469.76 from April, compared to PS1,960.64 if based on full earnings.
Pakistan Railways has raised annual pension by 10 million rupees over the past few years, by following government's pension notification, but it also allows children of retiring or dead employees to be hired on their father's seats.
The ratings also incorporate Evanston's uneven general fund operating performance since the last recession, which reflects management's desire to preserve services and increase annual pension funding while avoiding major tax increases.
This would of course reduce the amount of annual pension.
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