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With previous discrete temperature sensor anomaly detection, however, as each sensor required a communication cable, and because of the difficult constraints unique to thermal power stations, there were limits to the possible number and placement of sensors.
ThetaRay is working with GE's Predix Accelerator program, joining forces with the industry leader to deliver innovative anomaly detection that protects Industrial companies against cyber threats and operational risks.
Metafor's innovative machine learning based anomaly detection technology can analyze thousands of metrics and events in real-time from virtually any data source.
Network anomaly detection proved beneficial because previous knowledge of the malicious code was not needed to identify and isolate Zotob.
This application of our Advanced Anomaly Detection technology brings about one of the most significant changes in HUMS effectiveness in the last 20 years," said Chris Beaufait, president of Avionics for GE Aviation Systems.
Anomaly Detection Loggly's Anomaly Detection allows you to find significant changes in event frequency.
Metafor offers its anomaly detection solution for free to anyone who joins its Beta program: http://metaforsoftware.
The Company's portfolio of security products include the SecureOffice([R]) Suite, a group of cross domain solutions that allow the secure transfer and sharing of information; Security Blanket[TM], an industry award-winning operating system lock down and security management tool; and CounterStorm[TM], a behavioral, statistical and content-based anomaly detection system that rapidly identifies targeted and zero day attacks.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Logentries, the log management and analytics service built for the cloud, today announced new Anomaly Detection and Inactivity Alerting to help Dev and IT Ops proactively monitor, troubleshoot and resolve production system issues in real-time.
This goes beyond the standard flow-based anomaly detection by adding a layer of content analysis resulting in more thorough detection beyond traditional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
By using an innovative behavior-based anomaly detection technique in conjunction with peer group analysis technique, the solution detects abnormal usage patterns over billions of logged events.
NetQoS Anomaly Detection Solution Uses NetFlow Data to Alert on Abnormal Network Behavior and Integrate with Network Performance Management Console for Faster Troubleshooting