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In conclusion, if you are getting false alarms with your monitoring, dig in and understand which method of anomaly detection is being used.
The experimental results ensure that S3 algorithm perform traffic anomaly detection with zero false positive.
Various experiments were conducted in order to verify the efficiency and accuracy of the SOM-based anomaly detection algorithm.
More information about Metafor's real-time anomaly detection for IT security and performance is available at: http://metaforsoftware.
In the context of statistical anomaly detection, we claim that all sound scores of anomaly should be related to this principal anomaly, since it defines how unusual a sample is.
Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive uses machine learning to provide passive in-vehicle security analytics that monitor all Controller Area Network (CAN) bus traffic without disrupting vehicle operations, learn what normal behavior is and flag anomalous activity that may indicate an attack.
PCA is applied to reduce the high dimensional data vectors and distance between a vector and its projection onto the subspace reduced is used for anomaly detection.
Metafor offers its anomaly detection solution for free to anyone who joins its Beta program: http://metaforsoftware.
In this model, it is tried to use both anomaly detection and misuse detection techniques to provide more efficiency.
Technology company IBM (NYSE: IBM) on Wednesday announced its new QRadar Network Anomaly Detection appliance that analyses complex network activity and flags suspicious behavior in network activities in real-time.