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70) Due to the small sample size, the better treatment apparently received by represented children accused of felony crimes in high representation counties may be an anomoly.
An anomoly exists for married NRAs who are residents of Mexico, Canada, Japan or Korea.
Scotland presents an anomoly to his English ears, one that ultimately places in question England's own narrative of national development:
Preliminary exploration work at the company's properties in the Wahnapitae Anomoly area is also expected to continue, although Laine admits that there are several problems associated with the properties.
In the discussion of monetary and fiscal performance an anomoly arises with respect to the role of non-bank domestic finance and the definition of money supply.
Hip Hip Hooray has been beaten in sellers but sprung a 14-1 surprise from out of the handicap in the first division of the 7f race and trainer Luke Dace explained the anomoly.