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ANONYMOUS. Without name. This word is applied to such.books, letters or papers, which are published without the author's name. No man is bound to publish his name in connexion with a book or paper he has published; but if the publication is libellous, he is equally responsible as if his name were published.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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9, 2014, a hacktivist group called "Operation Ferguson" who claimed to be part of Anonymous protested the incident over the internet through a Twitter account and a website they set up for the purpose.
However, the action won't be restricted to online activity, with Anonymous to hold meetings in many cities around the world, encouraging people to "make stickers of mocking photos" to then "put around your town" as well as "print out pages showing how Isis does not represent Islam."
He also highlighted that the online war between Anonymous and ISIS will be a long lasting one.
"You may not think that you are helping towards suppressing the actions of ISIS but you are effectively disrupting their communications and preventing them from planning more acts of terrorism towards the western world; thus saving countless lives", Anonymous said.
Anonymous Alerts[R] is helping schools, organizations and other groups to detect, defer, deny and control bullying, safety and mental health issues.
In order to do this, we first look at prior work in two broad areas: (a) anonymous communication in the legal, technical, and social science literature; and (b) work on the cultural determinants of behavior.
As an anthropologist, I've spent half a dozen years studying Anonymous, the collective best known for its crusades against dictators and corporations.
(6) These suits can be broadly separated into two factions: legitimate defamation suits sometimes called "cybersmears," and illegitimate suits aimed merely at intimidating critics that resemble illegal Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs), which are sometimes called "cyber-SLAPPs." (7) Cybersmear suits are typical defamation actions brought against an anonymous poster who has sought to sully the reputation of his or her target; such speech is not constitutionally protected.
"Anonymous reports are used to 'trigger' or instigate investigations but they do not form any part of the evidence and are not taken into account when the review of the customer's payment is being decided.
According to The Verge, JTRIG launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the internet relay chat (IRC) rooms used by members of Anonymous, as part of the operation dubbed 'Rolling Thunder'.
In this paper, we will propose an efficient privacy-preserving location-based query algorithm using parallel searching to improve the efficiency of the anonymous server, which not only can protect the location privacy of the user but also obtain the location query services.
The websites of Singapore's president and prime minister have been hacked after it vowed to crack down on activist group Anonymous, which is demanding greater Internet freedom in the city-state, officials confirmed Friday.