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ANONYMOUS. Without name. This word is applied to such.books, letters or papers, which are published without the author's name. No man is bound to publish his name in connexion with a book or paper he has published; but if the publication is libellous, he is equally responsible as if his name were published.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A group claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous posted a target list April 24 on website Pastebin, saying its May 7 OpUSA effort would target nine government sites and 133 financial institutions.
The community forbids anonymous posts as all members must take responsibility for their messages.
Hackers associated with the activist group Anonymous posted a protest against Greece's EU and IMF-inspired austerity policies on the website of the country's justice ministry on Friday, a ministry spokeswoman said.
Anonymous posted people's names, phone numbers, and street and email addresses on its own website, while also calling for a disruption of BART's evening commute Monday.
When these social customers' identities are unknown Oram reports that tools like Adaptive Intelligence are being developed to automatically unveil anonymous posts that then permit personalized interactions.
Topix CEO Chris Tolles told The Courier-Journal in nearby Louisville, Kentucky: "We are the WikiLeaks for small-town America in a lot of cases," referring to the fact that anonymous posts can serve a role in holding public officials and institutions accountable--especially in places where the news media lack the resources or gumption to do that job., using reports from Gannett papers, competing local media and anonymous posts, compiled the total figure, which also includes the elimination of 18 workers at its Indianapolis Star, 16 jobs at the company's Arizona Republic in Phoenix and 46 jobs among its New Jersey papers, including the Courier News of Bridgewater and the Home News Tribune of East Brunswick.
Even though the debate over free speech is going to continue forever, this particular instance is a subject on which I am of two minds: Part of me agrees with your assessment that anonymous posts tend to be mean and vicious.
There are some six-figure wage packets and lots of them for people in relatively anonymous posts.
To understand the phenomenon of cyber abuse from children's and youths' perspectives, the authors examined anonymous posts made by children and youths to a free, 24-hour, national, bilingual phone and Web counseling, referral, and information service.
Frenkel was exposed after an anonymous person learned that Frenkel had written the anonymous posts about Ward and threatened to out Frenkel, Patton said.