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The furniture from Wanstead in the Double Cube Room included not just six of the mermaid settees from the Saloon, and the set of 'back stools' from the drawing room, now in the Great Ante Room at Wilton, but also a set of eight large easy chairs, or 'state fauteuils' from the Great Drawing Room and a pair of large sofas with earls' coronets on their backs from the Grand Hall.
is a dignified setting for important executive meetings, and an adjoining Ante Room offers 230 sq.
Tenders are invited for providing split type air conditioner units in the honble speaker ante room, room nos 25 of chairman public undertaking committee, room n estimate committee and room no 27 of public accounts committee of the annex building 1st floor in the p/o telangana state legislative assembly, hyderabad
unit by new inverter model cool type split air conditioner unit in ante room of room no 101 (clp party office) and room no 103 and shifting of existing split air conditioner to the 103 anteroom of ground floor rc building in the p/o telangana state legislative assembly , hyderabad.
Tenders are invited for Repair Of Flooring, Tiling, Plastering, Joinery And Misc Items To Bldgs In Lsrc, 14 Corps Zonal Wksp, 22 Weu, 7014 Eme Bn, 3 Ls, 14Corps Omc, 5014 Asc Bn And 3 Inf Dou And Provn Of Heating Panels (Heco) In Ante Room Of Corps Offrs Mess
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement And Installation Of Carpet In Ante Room Of Cheetah Squadron At Indian Naval Academy
Tenders are invited for Spl Repair To Ante Room, Dining Hall, Toilets, Kitchen And