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The piece de resistance is a life-size model of a greyhound - based on Rory - that lies on the floor of an ante room to the workshop studio.
The Grand Hall, the Blue Room and the Billiard and Ante Room are a must- see.
They were especially appreciative of the ante room where they could sit when very graphic details about their loved ones were read out in court.
In a hessian-lined ante room, Angie relaxes in her bamboo hanging chair, lined with complementary cushions she made herself.
Since it was effectively paid for by the palchettisti, each was allowed to furnish their box and ante room according to their taste.
Tenders are invited for Provn of covered parking at auditorium, paver block in front of ante room for batra bn and spl repairs for rewiring of it room of bldg no 12 and bldg no 15 at ota gaya
Other areas include the main bar which blends seamlessly into the restaurant/bistro, and a basement ante room.
Nick was installed in the kitchen and Anne waited to greet their guests in the glowing, green ante room, adorned with her own paintings and screen prints and given a simple elegance with mirrors by local craftsman Toby Winteringham.
Tenders are invited for Provision of deficient furniture for candidates ante room and office spaces at naval selection board under ge nd visakhapatnam