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The ALIF ACR procedure is an alternative method of treating sagittal imbalance from the anterior column, and may provide the same correction capability with decreased complications and morbidity.
The use of both posterior stabilization and anterior column support utilizes the benefits of each procedure.
Tethering of the anterior column may occur with either dysfunction of the TMJs or calcification of the stylohyoid ligament.
The combined anterior and posterior operations required two instrumentation procedures: Posterior stabilization using the S4 FRI System and the expandable Hydrolift VBR to stabilize the anterior column.
The addition of MIDLINE II to our product portfolio is another step towards fulfilling Centinel Spine's corporate mission of becoming the leader in anterior column support.
By utilizing an oblique lateral approach to the spine, this procedure enables placement of a large interbody graft into the disc space for anterior column support and segmental sagittal alignment while minimizing the nerve, muscle, and bone obstacles associated with traditional direct lateral approaches.

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