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We have developed a method of performing a PSO with a cage, a fusion device in the anterior column at the level of the osteotomy, to restrict the sagittal movement of the osteotomy site and to prevent ST during surgery.
In osteoporotic subjects, strengthening of the anterior column with anterior discectomy and fusion might be helpful in prevention of posterior construct failure.
Influenced by the initial success of XLIF ACR, ALIF ACR provides a procedurally integrated solution to restore the natural anterior column while increasing foraminal height in the lower levels of the lumbar spine," said Pat Miles, President of Global Products and Services.
The volume of the anterior column is assessed by measuring the three sides of the inverted triangular pyramid (TMJ-incisor, incisor-hyoid and TMJ-TMJ).
In anterior fusion of the thoracic or lumbosacral spine, the devices should be laterally located in the anterior column.
The Food and Drug Administration has now approved these devices for anterior column fusion, anterior cervical fusion, anterior lumbar interbody fusion, and corpectomy for reconstruction of fractures and tumors, among other uses.
There were 15 posterior wall (OTA 62-A1), 10 transverse/posterior wall (OTA 62-B1), 5 T-type (OTA 62-B2), 3 transverse (OTA 62-B1), 3 anterior column/posterior hemi-transverse (OTA 62-B3), 1 anterior column (OTA 62-A3), 1 posterior column/posterior wall (OTA 62-A2), and 1 both column (OTA 62-C3) fractures.
The anterior column consists of the anterior longitudinal ligament and the anterior two thirds of the vertebral body.
Does minimally invasive transsacral fixation provide anterior column support in adult scoliosis?
NuVasive has a rich history of revolutionizing the treatment of adult deformity with the Reline system, Integrated Global Alignment platform (iGA), Anterior Lumber Interbody Fusion (ALIF) and eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF) Anterior Column Realignment (ACR) systems.
The posterior column of the acetabulum was addressed via a Kocher Langenbeck approach [7] and the anterior column was addressed with a Pfannenstiel incision and a modified-Stoppa approach [8].

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