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In paediatric cases in the present study anterior compartment was seen to be involved frequently in which thymic cysts and lymphomas were encountered which is similar to the study by Juanpere S, Canete N et al [15].
Anterior compartment prolapse was classically treated by anterior colporrhaphy, which corrects defects in the pubocervical fascia to provide support to the anterior vaginal wall and thus correct a so-called central defect cystocele.
Anterior compartment symptoms are urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence, intermittent flow, urinary difficulty, sense of incomplete discharge in the urinary bladder, and insufficient flow; posterior compartment symptoms are defecation difficulty, sense of incomplete discharge in bowels, constipation, and digital palpation need for discharge (3,4).
Physical examination showed a mass located over anterior compartment of lower leg with local tenderness.
Infrapatellar fat pad pressure and volume changes of the anterior compartment during knee motion: possible clinical consequences to the anterior knee pain syndrome.
Examination revealed anterior compartment prolapse, cystocele POP-Q stage 2.
Failure rates were higher in the anterior compartment and lower in the posterior and apical compartments.
Assessment of compartment pressures can be performed using an aseptic technique through inserting a slit catheter (like that used for arterial pressure monitoring) into the compartment suspected of ACS (for example the anterior compartment of the lower leg).
Experience in the surgical correction of anterior compartment prolapse using mesh multianchorage
This variation is important to note during the active use of coracobrachialis as a transposition flap in deformities of infraclavicular and axillary areas and in postmastectomy reconstruction [34], during surgical intervention of the anterior compartment of the arm, such as trauma, tumour, neurovascular disease; while using coracobrachialis as a vascularized muscle for transfer for the treatment of longstanding facial paralysis.
In its 2011 safety communication, the FDA stated that the main role for mesh with POP repair is in the anterior compartment, and that traditional apical or posterior repair with mesh does not appear to provide any added benefit, compared with traditional surgery without mesh.

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