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Sekimoto et al., "Bleb analysis by using anterior segment optical coherence tomography in two different methods of trabeculectomy," Investigative Opthalmology and Visual Science, vol.
There were no statistically significant differences before capsulotomy for IOP, axial length, spherical equivalent and other anterior segment parameters between two groups (Table-I).
Anterior segment dimensions in Asian and Caucasian eyes measured by optical coherence tomography.
* Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome: TASS is associated with endothelial failure which heralds diffuse limbus to-limbus corneal oedema, fibrinous AC reaction, iris atrophy, and trabecular meshwork damage.
Evaluation of Anterior Segment Parameters Using Corneal Topography in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.
(1,2) The absence of anterior segment disorders like megalocornea, buphthalmos, and other findings of anterior segment dysgenesis is the main difference between JOAG and other childhood glaucomas.
The total PAR score comprises of sum of scores of seven individual traits: alignment of upper and lower anterior segment, right and left buccal occlusion, overjet, overbite and centerline.
By comparison, females demonstrated greater bracket debonding prevalence in the upper buccal segment (mean value 27.6) compared to the lower anterior segment (mean value 22.9), and showed the least values in the upper anterior segment (mean value 6.2), while males showed greater debonding in the lower anterior region as compared to the upper buccal segment.
Preoperative and postoperative cycloplegic refraction, air-puff tonometry, anterior segment evaluation, and dilated fundus examination were performed on all patients.
found that discontinuing alpha-blocker therapy 10 days before surgery resulted in no favorable changes in anterior segment parameters, including pupil dilation, in their ultrasound biomicroscopic evaluation of 31 eyes of 19 patients.
Followup evaluations evidenced a BCVA of 20/20, with complete epithelization, and resolution of anterior segment inflammatory signs in approximately two weeks (Figure 3).
The LED illumination provides a light source that is brighter than conventional halogen bulbs, while the shorter wavelength light enhances the view of anterior segment structures and anomalies such as flare in the anterior chamber.

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