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CED decease takes place more after PPV as compared to SB, and combined anterior segment surgeries can lead to further decrease in endothelial cell counts.
Ophthalmologists play an important mediator role in diagnosing asymptomatic cystinosis patients by anterior segment examination, especially during routine eye examination.
2 He calculated the specific ratios of the mesio distal widths that must exist between the maxillary and mandibular anterior segments as well as for the whole arch from right 1st molar to left 1st molar for harmonization of maxillary and mandibular teeth.
abnormalities in the absolute sizes or positions of anterior segment structure;
Posterior segment IOFB causes more damage as compared to anterior segment IOFB.
Goldich et al investigated ocular anterior segment changes in pregnancy and non-pregnant women.
8%) [Figure 5] had subconjunctival hemorrhage as the most common anterior segment findings.
All patients underwent thorough clinical examination including checking of visual acuity, pupillary reaction, anterior segment examination with slit-lamp and IOP both pre and post-operatively in the evening on the day of surgery and the next morning following cataract surgery.
A comparison of all the ocular manifestations of adnexal, anterior segment, posterior segment, and neuroophthalmic lesions was done in relation to the CD4-count at presentation.
For ease of discussion these will be classified according to clinical presentation into external eye (orbital and adnexal) disease, anterior segment, posterior segment and neuro-ophthalmic manifestations.
Dr Bhatt will share his experiences on the management of TASS (Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome) and discuss its diagnosis and treatment.

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