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The artery of Adamkiewicz is a major artery that feeds the spinal arteries in the lower half of the spinal cord and joins the anterior spinal artery at T5.
Interestingly, the defense experts, who were well-known neurosurgeons, couldn't challenge Brownlee's conclusion as to the location of the injury, but they disagreed with Brownlee that the cause of the damage was more likely than not an air bubble that had negligently been allowed to escape from the heart and move to a particular spot in the anterior spinal artery that controlled the blood supply to the nerves that affected the injured parts of my client's body.
A 19-year-old man presented with an acute quadriplegia secondary to anterior spinal artery thrombosis He required admission to the intensive care unit for ventilatory support and developed autonomic dysreflexia within 72 hours of his first symptoms, due to paralytic ileus with distension of the bowel.

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