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A digital subtraction angiogram showing high take-off of right anterior tibial artery, making it prone to iatrogenic injury along with popliteal artery during TKA.
of patients Percentage (%) beedis smoked <10 yrs 6 20% 10-20 yrs 12 40% 20-30 yrs 11 37% >30 yrs 1 3% Table 6: Peripheral arterial Pulses Arterial Pulsation Absent Weak Normal Dorsalis Pedis Artery 30 Anterior Tibial Artery 30 Posterior Tibial Artery 28 2 Popliteal Artery 20 8 2 Femoral Artery 3 27 Table 7: Extent of the disease No.
The patient's dorsal compartment pressures were measured at 120 mmHg, confirming a diagnosis of ACS of the foot and a disruption of the anterior tibial artery.
The patient was taken to the hemodynamics ward where angiography is performed with digital subtraction, evidencing a 35 x 24 mm tibioperoneal trunk pseudoaneurysm at the middle third junction with the distal and occlusion of the anterior tibial artery (Figures 1, 2).
In male Judo athletes the brachial, radial, and anterior tibial artery presented the highest increase on the diastolic diameter, compared with the control male group, 27% for brachial and radial artery, and 23% for anterior tibial artery respectively.

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