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4) Palladas' epigrams are numbered according to their position in the Anthologia Palatina (AP); the edition used is that of Beckby 1967-1968.
Epigrams from the Anthologia Latina; texts, translation and commentary.
Mia anthologia [Feminismo en la Grecia de entreguerras.
Lia Schwartz demostro que se trataba de la Antologia Planudea, que se imprimio varias veces en el siglo XVI en griego, pero con el doble titulo, en latin y en griego: Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum veterum / Anthologia diaphoron epigrammaton palaior (12).
D'essa maneira traduzi alguns poemas da Anthologia Grega.
Derrida also mentions that the Greek word anthologia originally meant flower-collection.
Mangan's Anthologia Germanica, with translations or adaptations of
65), while epigrams in the Anthologia Palatina praise the dancer for being so utterly absorbed into the characters he portrays that his own identity leaves off and becomes virtually invisible.
Hoc est, epigrammatum Grcorum, ex anthologia selectorum ab H.
The relevance of the material quoted from the Anthologia Graeca, from the Ephesiaka, from Artemidoros, etc.
40) Poem 4 in Riese's Anthologia Latina, poem 3 in Shackleton Bailey's.