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BURGESS. A magistrate of a borough; generally, the chief officer of the corporation, who performs, within the borough, the same kind of duties which a mayor does in a city. In England, the word is sometimes applied to all the inhabitants of a borough, who are called burgesses sometimes it signifies the representatives of a borough in parliament.

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Since Andrew Biswell's recent biography, The Real Life of Anthony Burgess, deals primarily with B urgess's early life and first marriage, A Clockwork Counterpoint, which mainly focuses on the years of his second marriage, complements Biswell's fine biography nicely, but its chronological structure means that Phillips leads with the weakest, least relevant part of his manuscript; the second half of A Clockwork Counterpoint is more engaging and informative than the first.
But then, putting down a previous treatment of Burgess's life, the uninformed reader with little else than Roger Lewis's misguided effort (1) to go by will have inferred that a somewhat less rancorous assessment of John Anthony Wilson Burgess's failures and achievements than that produced by the author of Anthony Burgess would take considerably more courtesy than the journalist-writer of Burgess's first comprehensive post-mortem biography had at his command.
Their language was created by Anthony Burgess and body movements by Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape.
But it would be a deft writer indeed who could move smoothly from easy targets such as writers of the "boys' own adventure" school to complex artists like Joseph Conrad, or unassignable originals like Anthony Burgess.
Intended as 'acting versions', they were by Anthony Burgess and Alan Shaw respectively.
Ill-applied newspaper verbiage proves too much for Anthony Burgess.
Burgess, Anthonyalso called Joseph Kell original name John Anthony Burgess Wilson (b.
My richest example is offered by the late novelist Anthony Burgess in his memoirs, You've Had Your Time: The Second Part of the Confessions.
The future, Salwak quotes Anthony Burgess, will learn about the state of England today from the novels of Amis.
Kubrick continued to explore an exceptionally broad range of genres in his subsequent four films, all of which are adapted from novels: the futuristic black comedy A Clockwork Orange (1971), from Anthony Burgess 's novel; the visually entrancing but static Barry Lyndon (1975), from a minor novel by Thackeray; The Shining (1980), based on Stephen King 's horror novel; and Full Metal Jacket (1987), a nihilistic view of the experiences of young American Marines in the Vietnam War, based on The Short - Timers (1979) by Gustav Hasford.
A) Howard Jacobson; B) Shelagh Delaney; C) Anthony Burgess 7.
St Helens' Ryan Morgan brings Wigan's Anthony Burgess to ground in last night's clash at the Totally Wicked Stadium dave kendall