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Doctors, no less than their patients, are susceptible to the workings of myth and the force of social approval, something that Mark Crutcher, a radical anti-abortionist, stated memorably in his incendiary tract Firestorm: A Guerrilla Strategy for a Pro-Life America.
Also, Amato's appointment of the Catholic and anti-abortionist Bompiani as Minister for Social Affairs was heavily criticised by supporters of abortion provision.
Unfortunately, this doesn't stop anti-abortionists from presenting the ABC link as an undisputed fact, even manufacturing the lie that half of all abortion patients will go on to develop breast cancer.
Dr Brind, 41, who is a known anti-abortionist, reviewed the studies, including the long-term medical files of a group of Scandinavian women, to arrive at his conclusion.
The pill was cleared for sale by the Medicines Control Agency last year - sparking the anger of anti-abortionist campaigners.
A: (laughing) The anti-abortionist terrorists who dress as babies are pretty pathetic, though I like to read about them - they sit there with their thumbs in their mouths and go, ``Waaah
Hard working, tough talking Roman Catholic moralist, anti-abortionist, excessively tough on crime, adored by the grassroots.
Anti-abortionist Peter Garrett, of Life, said: "To create and destroy human life is dehumanising and is a precondition for pregnancy cloning.
Anti-abortionist Nadine Dorries said: "I believe a baby has rights.
Another anti-abortionist terrorist is convicted clinic bomber, the Reverend Michael Bray, who interprets "the biblical doctrine of revolution" in A Time to Kill, published by Advocates for Life Publications.
U2 have denied any connection with a right-wing anti-abortionist who has been using their US concert to raise political funds.
I FIND it ironic that you criticise MP Andrew Robathan for occasionally smacking his children but then slag off George Bush for being an anti-abortionist.