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It is worth mentioning here that the CCP received a formal complaint against PandG from its rival company Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Ltd, wherein it was alleged that Proctor and Gamble publicised its product "Safeguard" as "Pakistan's No 1 rated anti-bacterial soap" even though it lacked reasonable basis to substantiate the claim.
Pakistan being a resource-poor country, also lacking in public literacy, needs to adopt effective measures on emergency basis to tackle the problem-in fact declare anti-bacterial drug resistance emergency.
Chitosan, used as the main anti-bacterial material in the cloth, makes it possible to use the cloth for industrial purposes.
Under a proposed rule released Monday, the agency will require manufacturers to prove that anti-bacterial soaps are safe and more effective than plain soap and water.
The introduction of Duracoat Anti-Bacterial Paint came barely months after the company pioneered the making of paint with lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Duracoat Eco-friendly paint.
We are excited to team up with our colleagues at Harvard to systematically target a highly validated but under-exploited anti-bacterial target family.
Ronseal Anti-Bacterial Worktop Oil (from pounds 14.
Washington, Nov 30 (ANI): Chimpanzees 'self medicate' with food that includes medicinal ingredients like anti-bacterial agents and de-wormers, a new study has suggested.
This colloidal silver content has the same anti-bacterial effects in the mouth as in infection applications.
The hard-hitting and, in many cases, successful advertising by anti-bacterial soaps in Pakistan is a long story and serves for this article as a perfect case study in terms of brand repositioning.
Research Adrian Mutto explained at a press conference "Our goal was to raise the nutritional value of cows' milk by adding two human genes, the protein lactoferrin, which provides infants with anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection, and lysozyme, which is also an anti-bacterial agent.