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noun abuse of public trust, act of bribing, act of profiteering, baseness, breach of faith, breach of trust, bribery, complicity, conduct involving graft, corrupt induceeent, corruptibility, crime, criminality, debasement, deception, deviation from rectiiude, deviousness, disgrace, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty, disrepute, fraudulence, fraudulency, graft, improbity, indirection, injustice, jobbery, knavery, lack of conscience, lack of principle, lack of probity, malignancy, obliquity, perfidiousness, perfidy, perversion of integrity, scoundrelism, turpitude, unscrupulousness, venality, villainy, want of principle, wickedness
Associated concepts: corruption in public office
Foreign phrases: Corruptio optimi est pessima.The corruption of the best is worst. Maledicta est expositio quae corrumpit textum. It is a cursed interpretation which corrupts the text.
See also: bad repute, bribe, bribery, crime, decline, defilement, delict, delinquency, deterioration, detriment, dishonesty, dissolution, graft, gratuity, guilt, improbity, knavery, malfeasance, misconduct, misusage, nepotism, perversion, pettifoggery, racket, seduction, spoilage, turpitude, vice

CORRUPTION. An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but is more comprehensive; because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it be not offered by another. Merl. Rep. h.t.
     2. By corruption, sometimes, is understood something against law; as, a contract by which the borrower agreed to pay the lender usurious interest. It is said, in such case, that it was corruptly agreed, &c.

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The role of Anti-Corruption Establishment undoubtedly was of prime importance, he said adding, though it was a difficult business to maintain equity in letter and spirit but the task became easier to achieve in the presence of political will.
In particular, the first chapter summarizes the implementation of the first stage of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2025 and outlines the main directions of the national anti-corruption strategy.
The project foresees the organization of five regional workshops, exchange of experiences and lessons learned with the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority, and a state-wide conference on the roles of parliamentary anti-corruption commissions and governments' anti-corruption bodies in fight against corruption.
The PCB's anti-corruption unit had charged him for violating three clauses of its anti-corruption code: for luring cricketers into the scam, not reporting approaches by the bookies, and hiding information regarding his contacts with the bookies.
He will have to admit and regret on what he has done and then only, after PCB's Anti-Corruption Unit is satisfied, he will be allowed to play.
The role of Anti-Corruption Establishment undoubtedly is of prime importance, he said adding, though it was a difficult business to maintain equity in letter and spirit but the task becomes easier when their is political will.
Until 1997, our supreme lawmakers in the comfort of parliament had only focused on anti-corruption laws targeting government servants; it includes people employed by the state, such as every officer of the bureaucracy, the police and a court of justice or tax official or land, but not the people's representative.
Upon action initiated by the PCB, the Anti-Corruption Tribunal has already banned two cricketers, namely Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, after they were found guilty on all charges of Corrupt Conduct alleged against them.
Such employees undermine the reputation of the entire Anti-Corruption Service," President Jeenbekov said.
International Anti-Corruption Day reminds us to work together against corruption by promoting the day and the issues that surround this event.
Activities marking International Anti-Corruption Day were carried out by UNODC field offices, civil society organizations, governments and individuals to raise awareness about corruption.
Tabib commended the adoption of anti-corruption laws including notably those related to access to information, exposure of corruption and whistleblower protection.

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