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This campaign is wrong and sinful and anti-revolutionary, and it will inflict damage on the domestic economy.
The suspensions follow the Integrity Commission's findings after it was discovered that the congressman were either members of the Gaddafi Revolutionary Guards or involved in criminal anti-revolutionary activities.
agent, saying that: "instead of contacting Iranian officials, he just contacts anti-Revolutionary elements.
agent, saying that: instead of contacting Iranian officials, he just contacts anti-Revolutionary elements.
Arguing that anti-revolutionary powers aren't limited to remnants of Mubarak's now outlawed National Democratic Party, but also include sectors throughout society with entrenched interests, Abdel-Fattah accused the interim ruling generals of failing to understand the scale of change that has taken place since Mubarak's fall.
The losers and anti-revolutionary forces are capable of anything to thwart the will of the people C* Our score is of little import," Ghannouchi said, sitting in his office in the brand new headquarters of the Ennahda party in Tunis' modern Montplaisir neighborhood.
Osanlou said "our operation is within the framework of pursuing and eliminating anti-revolutionary forces especially PJAK terrorist group, and will continue with full power along the Islamic republic's border with Iraqi Kurdistan.
In his speech, Nasrallah lambasted the Dubai-based satellite station Al-Arabiya for supporting the Syrian revolutionary cause, while underreporting Hizbullah's anti-revolutionary message.
This once very popular actor now features prominently on a blacklist of anti-revolutionary celebrities.
Er Tai Gao, a painter, art critic, and exiled intellectual has been imprisoned three times for anti-revolutionary writings in China.
The nine, and the two who were hanged on Thursday, were surely arrested in the recent riots and had links to anti-revolutionary groups," said senior judiciary official Ebrahim Raisi, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.
According to Iranian sources, Muhammad-Reza Ali-Zamani, a member of an anti-revolutionary group known as Monarchy Organization of Iran confessed, in Iran's Revolutionary Court prosecuting Iran's post-vote rioters, to contacting American agents in Iraq and then attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.