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This campaign is wrong and sinful and anti-revolutionary, and it will inflict damage on the domestic economy.
He said electronic devices found in Section 350 had been used to spread "false information to foreign and anti-revolutionary media.
In his New Year message, Kim said that his party took resolute action to remove "anti-party, anti-revolutionary and scum" elements within the party last year, Sky News reports.
Our party's timely, accurate decision to purge the anti-party, anti-revolutionary elements helped greatly cement unity of the party and the revolution and strengthened our solidarity by 100 times," he said.
To be sure, the Bth Party, which was one of the cavaliers of the Arab revolutionary slogan "From the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf," has become itself, as articulated by its leaders, the vanguard of the anti-revolutionary response between the same Ocean and the same Gulf.
In an address to the European Parliament, on the sidelines of his visit to Strasbourg (February 5-6), the President of the Republic said this crime "is a threat and a message sent to all of us which we denounce," stressing the commitment to unveil the anti-revolutionary forces and move forward steadily towards the achievement of the objectives of the revolution.
All the detainees were held under a warrant issued by judicial order, the press body commented, noting that they have been accused of being "supporters of the anti-revolutionary movement.
Iran's Fars news agency reported early Monday that "the journalists close to anti-revolutionary movement" were arrested Sunday night on a "warrant issued by the judiciary.
The suspensions follow the Integrity Commission's findings after it was discovered that the congressman were either members of the Gaddafi Revolutionary Guards or involved in criminal anti-revolutionary activities.
agent, saying that: instead of contacting Iranian officials, he just contacts anti-Revolutionary elements.
agent, saying that: "instead of contacting Iranian officials, he just contacts anti-Revolutionary elements.
The losers and anti-revolutionary forces are capable of anything to thwart the will of the people C* Our score is of little import," Ghannouchi said, sitting in his office in the brand new headquarters of the Ennahda party in Tunis' modern Montplaisir neighborhood.