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6 In an 'Appendix', Baynard enters upon two additional subjects one is tempted to link to Tristram Shandy, the first, the use of cold water to cure an 'aedemitous Tumor, such as are often on the Knee, call'd a White Swelling', the alternative cure for which may be cataplasms made of the 'hot anti-scorbutic Plants' (447-50); and the second, the cure for weakenings, 'both Atrophys and Phthisics, by drinking of Goat's-milk, where both Asses and Cows have fail'd' (470).
Note on the role of the anti-scorbutic factor in nutrition.
Every type of capsicum is an anti-scorbutic, good for constipation, helpful in fighting colds and taken in small amounts, an aid to digestion.