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Visiongain's analysis indicates that, in 2011, the top 20 antibacterial drug manufacturers accounted for 37.
Telithromycin, the first of a new class of antibacterials, the ketolides, is approved for use in Europe and is currently being reviewed by the U.
After decades of exposure to the same drugs, mutant strains have emerged "that are resistant to every clinically available antibacterial," McHenry said.
While the development of new antibacterials is not currently a hugely dynamic area, targeting multi-drug resistant TB and other indications will require innovative solutions in the future.
Assess the forecast epidemiology and development of the antibacterials market across the 7MM.
Table 67: Japanese Historic Review for Animal Feed Additivesby Product Segment - Antibiotics/ Antibacterials, Vitamins,Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Other Animal Feed AdditivesMarkets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures inUS$ Million for Years 2006 through 2012 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) III-26
Our study lets you assess sales data and predictions for the world antibacterial drugs market, therapeutic submarkets, important products and national markets.
How are leading companies in the antibacterial drugs market performing?
The Global Antibacterials Market: R&D Pipelines, Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape