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A non-profit toxics watch group urged consumers to refrain from using antibacterial soaps and washes containing triclosan and triclocarban as a historic ban in US on such products looms.
The accumulation of such antibacterials in water bodies 'affect the balance of the fragile marine ecosystems and result in hazardous residues in fish that we eat,' he said.
However, patent expiries will cause Pfizer to lose antibacterial revenue between 2011 and 2016, as its market share falls to 6.7%.
This study could not determine the safety of drugs during pregnancy, but the lack of widespread increased risk associated with many classes of antibacterials used during pregnancy should be reassuring," the authors said.
Antibiotics basics for clinicians; choosing the right antibacterial agent.
Greater use of antibacterial agents was associated with a higher case-mix index, more ICU patient-days per 1,000 patient-days, more cases of pneumonia and septicemia per 1,000 patient-days, and being located in the southern United States.
But during a recent visit, my mother-in-law said I shouldn't be using antibacterial soap.
From a common sense perspective, antibacterial soap sounds like a godsend: Anti = against and Bacteria = bad little critters that make us sick.
Food and Drug Administration proposed that systemic antibacterial drugs sold for human use be labeled with warnings against the emergence of drug-resistant strains of bacteria.
Many soaps, body washes, and other products contain the antibacterial agent triclosan.
NEW YORK - The $1 billion a year antibacterial soap category has given rise to antimicrobial products in other segments, including hand lotions and hand sanitizers.
Another class of antibacterials containing newly developed bactericidal agents are the macrolides.