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Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, it was relatively common for people to die from what we see as minor infections today, such as strep throat.
The new campaign aims to increase the proportion of global consumption of antibiotics in the Access group to at least 60%, and to reduce use of the antibiotics most at risk of resistance from the Watch and Reserve groups.
Each year 700,000 deaths are attributable to antibiotic resistance and 480,000 people develop multidrug resistance tuberculosis (TB) around the world.
Fellow researcher Professor Lu Qi, an expert in nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said: 'Antibiotic use is the most critical factor in altering the balance of microorganisms in the gut.
COSTLY ACTIVITYThe most common consequences of inappropriate antibiotics use such as overprescription, excessive use, inappropriate administration, suboptimal dosing include unnecessary adverse effects, increased healthcare costs (the median cost of treating a resistant bacterial infection is Sh70,000 globally) and selection of drug-resistant organism infection with multidrug-resistant pathogens.Although antibiotic prescription rates increased by more four per cent in the past 14 years, 60 per cent of adult prescribed antibiotics and 30 per cent for children are not needed.
The Mediclinic City Hospital survey on antibiotic use in children found a shocking lack of awareness about the abuse of antibiotics and resistance that it creates with misuse.
Antibiotic resistance and antibiotics' overuse and misuse
He said that in Pakistan around 88pc of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions were for self-limiting upper respiratory tract infections.
"In many settings, doctors are prescribing antibiotics without carrying out proper need assessment," he said, adding that there was massive misuse of antibiotics in the livestock and agriculture sector, too.
Dr Qamar Ashfaq, Associate Professor Surgery at Services Hospital said, 'Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria develop the ability to defeat the drugs designed to kill them.
He added that In Pakistan 88.9% rate of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions are for self-limiting Upper Respiratory Tract infections.
It comes in World Antibiotic Awareness Week and coincides with Public Health England's campaign 'Keep Antibiotics Working' which stresses that, when it comes to antibiotics, we should always take the advice of our doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.