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As wastewater treatment facilities are generally non- existent in hospitals in India, antibiotics may find their way into water sources.
However, it's important that you finish the full course of the treatment as resistance is also caused when antibiotics are not taken for the complete prescribed course.
Humans have been winning the war against germs ever since antibiotics became widely available in the 1940s.
Because of this, the disease once responsive to antibiotics can no longer be treated with those same antibiotics.
ESPAUR is a programme developed by PHE to improve the surveillance of antibiotic resistance, antibiotic use data and support interventions and toolkits to improve antibiotic prescribing in general practice and hospitals.
MeMed has a long commitment to promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics.
Allergic reactions to topical antibiotics can be avoided simply by using a quinolone.
Is the explosive rise in asthma and allergies being seen especially in children partially related to antibiotic use?
Antibiotics are designed to combat bacterial infections, from certain ear infections and strep throat to more serious illnesses such as meningitis and some pneumonias.

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