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The performance of an act or obligation before it is legally due. In patent law, the publication of the existence of an invention that has already been patented or has a patent pending, which are grounds for denying a patent to an invention that has substantially the same structure and function as the earlier invention.

In the law of Negligence, anticipation refers to the knowledge that there is a reasonable probability that the consequences of particular conduct of one individual will result in injury to others.

The anticipation of an invention also occurs if the later invention is merely an Adaptation of an earlier patent, which would be obvious to a skilled person who need only exercise some mechanical skill to develop the same adaptation.


(Expectation), noun apprehension, divination, forecast, foreseeing, foresight, insight, intuition, preconception, prediction, prescience, presentiment, prolepsis, second sight


(Likelihood), noun contemplation, foreboding, forecast, hope, outlook, possibility, preconception, preoccupation, presumption, prevision, probability, prospect
Associated concepts: anticipation of income, anticipation of injuries
See also: advancement, expectation, forethought, likelihood, loan, outlook, possibility, precaution, preconception, preparation, presumption, probability, prospect

ANTICIPATION. The act of doing or taking a thing before its proper time.
     2. In deeds of trust there is frequently a provision that the income of the estate shall be paid by the trustee as it shall accrue, and not by way of anticipation. A payment made contrary to such provision would not be considered as a discharge of the trustee.

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To assess clients' responses to specific cues about how the CACGs might address career decision-making and problem-solving needs, we created the Anticipations About Computer Outcomes--Form B (AACO-B) for this study.
The AACO-A was placed before the AACO-B to reduce cuing of client anticipations and to gain the participants' initial thoughts as to the usefulness of CACGs in their career decision making and problem solving.
Numbers of anticipations within each category were totaled.
Give yourself the freedom to predict that your new, strategic anticipations will supercharge your performance.
You, too, can get these preturns by investing your strategic anticipations in your tomorrows.
With that anticipation of his futures, Brian's distress abated.
One thing that should be realized at this point is that on unconscious implicit anticipation level there is no mechanism to modify the rule base (only evolution or redesign).
Except the basic reaction base another area of involving the implicit and unconscious anticipation is the inner agent processes which imitate the creature physiology, energy management, and other internal processes.
Let me continue with next and for this paper last level of anticipation in my model.