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Antigen processing and presentation defects have been implicated as the basis for impaired cell-mediated immunity induced by viruses (Fruh et al.
The researchers found high expression of most MHCII complex and MHCII antigen processing genes.
Levitsky's laboratory research involves basic studies of antigen processing and presentation, T-cell co-stimulation, T-cell priming versus tolerance, and the evolution of tumor-specific immunity during immune reconstitution.
For example, in infections or cancer, to get the immune Generals, CD4 cells, to attach to a virus or bacteria or cancer, the antigen processing cells will engulf and degrade the virus or bacteria or cancer cell.
The latest strategies that have emerged are to modulate immuno-surveillance, antigen processing and presentation.
Hy is recognized in the cancer immunotherapy community for his many contributions that include basic discoveries in antigen processing and presentation, T cell tolerance, lymphocyte homeostasis, vaccine development, and novel molecular imaging of anti-tumor immunity," said Michael Burgess, MD, PhD, Global Head, Oncology Discovery and Translational Area.