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Fluorescing cells indicate the presence of antigen-antibody complexes and a positive test result.
The researchers used three control groups to confirm their findings: 21 of 22 subjects who tested positive for the disease also had the antigen-antibody complex; all 19 controls with other diseases did not have the complex, and four of 12 controls with no rash but with other symptoms, and who tested negative for the disease, had the antigen-antibody complex.
The formation of antigen-antibody complexes insulated the electrode by hindering the redox reaction of [K.sub.3]Fe[(CN).sub.6]/[K.sub.4]Fe[(CN).sub.6] and diffusion towards the electrode surface which led to the observed decrease in cathodic current (curve (v)).
The most frequent positive serologic IgG antigen-antibody complexes found on the food IgG tests were: baker's yeast, 1 7 out of 20 (85%); onion mix, 13 out of 20 (65%); pork, 12 out of 20 (60%); peanut, 12 out of 20 (60%); corn, 11 out of 20 (55%); wheat, 10 out of 20 (50%); soybean, 10 (50%); carrot, 9 out of 20 (45%); cheddar cheese, 8 out of 20 (40%); egg white, 8 out of 20 (40%).
Various buffer compositions, electrophoretic transfer conditions, nitrocellulose pore sizes, "blocking" agents for protein-adsorptive sites on the replica paper, antibody incubation and replica washing conditions, and the substitution of radioiodinated Staphylococcus aureus protein A for second-antibody detection of antigen-antibody complexes by radiography all were assessed in a couple of weeks.
In situ formation of antigen-antibody complexes can trigger a Gell & Coombs type III hypersensitivity reaction mediated by the complement system (13).