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These multigene families are responsible for the antigenic variation of the parasite in natural infections which enables it to escape the host immune response for its survival resulting in prolonged chronic infections.
Antigenic Variation, Adherence, and Virulence in Malaria
Further understanding of the natural history of these viruses is needed to establish the potential role of genotypic and antigenic variation in vaccine development.
The text blends classical and medical parasitology with more modern disciplines, discussing the molecular and immunological basis for pathogenesis, metabolic pathways, and antigenic variation for the protozoan pathogens.
Flu vaccines are updated every few years to deal with the antigenic variation, or genetic drift of surface proteins.
Antigenic variation in the surface glyco-proteins (ie, hemagglutinin, neuraminidase) accounts for the long-term epidemiologic success of influenza viruses.
Moreover, antigenic variation also existed among the 6 A/peregrine falcon/Hong Kong/810/2009-like viruses, as highlighted by the HI assay using k0602 antiserum (Table 1).
Genetic and antigenic variation of capsid protein VP7 of serotype G1 human rotavirus isolates.
Thus, the genetic and antigenic variation among JEV strains circulating in India should be monitored to determine effects on JE epidemiology and ongoing vaccination efforts.
Eradication of ALV-J has been difficult because of substantial genetic and antigenic variation among ALV-J isolates as well as high levels of vertical and horizontal transmission (9,10).