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New research should also focus on the comparative toxicology and mode of action of asbestos fibers, as well as other hazardous EMPs such as erionite, winchite, antigorite, and more recently, nanomaterials.
Very fine-grained and rounded pseudomorphs of antigorite after diopside disseminated around calcite are illustrated in Figures 5e-f.
The Mitchell Plateau antigorite pigment sample was more compact than typical calcite pigments, but it was more sugary and porous in appearance than huntite.
3--Halite + Antigorite + Anorthite + Magnesite + Montmorillonite NaCl + [Mg.
The olivine (Fo92-94) is partially to completely replaced by antigorite or occasionally altered to iddingsite.
The planar antigorite seems to exhibit electrokinetic behaviour intermediate between the brucite and silica, indicating equal importance of both the magnesia octahedral sheet (brucite sheet) and the silica tetrahedral sheet.
1:1 trioctahedral phyllosilicates, belong either to chrysotile (ortho- and clinochrysotile) or antigorite or lizardite (Whittaker and Zussman, 1956).
KEY WORDS: antigorite, asbestos, cluster analysis, ecological study, environment, mesothelioma, New Caledonia, serpentinite.
Serpentinite consists essentially of antigorite locally with relict pyroxene, minor magnetite, crisotile and carbonate veins.
This breccia consists of a groundmass of chrysotile [+ o -] antigorite [+ o -] chlorite within which irregular millimetric--to decametric-sized bodies of serpentinized harzburgite appear here and there.