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New research should also focus on the comparative toxicology and mode of action of asbestos fibers, as well as other hazardous EMPs such as erionite, winchite, antigorite, and more recently, nanomaterials.
3--Halite + Antigorite + Anorthite + Magnesite + Montmorillonite NaCl + [Mg.
The planar antigorite seems to exhibit electrokinetic behaviour intermediate between the brucite and silica, indicating equal importance of both the magnesia octahedral sheet (brucite sheet) and the silica tetrahedral sheet.
MD simulations of water at the basal plane surfaces of kaolinite and antigorite performed using DL_POLY_214 software (Smith and Forester, 1996) suggest that the silica tetrahedral face 001 should be hydrophobic, similar to pyrophyllite and talc, see Figure 9.
Raw materials selected as feedstock for the Hedman fiberization process need not be limited to the original Hedman antigorite ore.
This serves to reinforce our present understanding that our Horwood Lake antigorite deposits are truly unique and not demonstrated anywhere else in the world.
There are two main families of asbestos: amphiboles (tremolite, actinolite, crocidolite) and serpentines (chrysorile, antigorite, lizard-ite).
50 per extracted ton of antigorite and a 10% of profit fee on any precious and base metals discovered and ultimately marketed directly or through joint venture.
Antigorite is a subcategory of serpentine but unlike chrysotile or lizardite, antigorite lacks naturally occurring fibre, though it shares similar chemical and physical characteristics.
Therefore, Hedman can now seriously continue with its research and development in fiberizing our Horwood Lake antigorite (which has been tested and reported as free of chrysotile).
Hedman has an established distribution relationship in Japan and has recently been advised of significant changes to Japanese environmental legislative standards that may position Hedman's unique asbestos free antigorite as a valuable industrial commodity.
TORONTO -- HEDMAN RESOURCES LIMITED (TSX VENTURE: HDM) confirmed today that it has entered into a Co-Operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Department of Energy (DOE), Fossil Fuels Division, for fiberization of its unique antigorite and asbestos free ore.