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A late thirteenth-century text written at the abbey of Affligem relates that Peter joined neumas to Gerard's antiphons and responsories for the feast of St.
The rubric on folio 7IV indicates that "the following antiphons should be said through the whole year at the appropriate seasons after compline in commemoration of St.
From its inception, Cure Rex traveled in company with other processional antiphons destined for the Easter Mass.
when it was suggested that there had been two Antiphons at work in fifth century Athens, one a sophist and one an orator, in Hermogenes' treatise On Style.
Bach; Two Antiphons by Marcel Dupre; Prelude, Fugue and Variation, Opus 18 by Cesar Franck; Berceuse by Louis Vierne; and concluding with Variations on Amazing Grace for English horn and organ by Calvin Hampton.
Hurd has written more than 100 compositions and 55 hymns, antiphons and pieces of service music.
The need for supportive materials would be endless: composing music for the psalm antiphons, choral settings for verses and offertories, organ pieces based on the new hymnic and liturgical music, and music for the Easter Vigil.
The analysis of "close multiples," regional variants of antiphons sung during the offertory of the Mass, supports Levy's argument for the early existence of "Charlemagne's archetype.
A pair of laymen sang the antiphons at the service in the funeral home, and we heard two eulogies.
He takes the liturgical view and therefore adds plainsong antiphons before and after the psalms in addition to the motets; this over-eggs the pudding and also--given that the chants are shortened and in the wrong order--makes one wonder precisely what is going on.
Having established Antiphons lineage, Pseudo-Plutarch continues with Antiphon's rhetorical training and ability, which lay behind his public activities.
In the sphere of Latin chant, Terence Bailey examines the Ambrosian double antiphons and concludes that they do not provide evidence of 'antiphonal' performance of the antiphon itself in the earliest stage of its evolution.