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the antiphons of the blessed virgin which are usually said after compline, namely Salve regina and the others, should be said by turns through the entire year at the arrangement of the cantor.
From its inception, Cure Rex traveled in company with other processional antiphons destined for the Easter Mass.
(6) This debate goes back to the 2nd century C.E., when it was suggested that there had been two Antiphons at work in fifth century Athens, one a sophist and one an orator, in Hermogenes' treatise On Style.
At the LMC meeting February 18-20, 1975, in Minneapolis the revised communion music, together with the newly composed alternate Song of Praise, "Worthy is Christ" (with its antiphon, "This is the feast of victory"), were accepted for recommendation to the ILCW.
Helisachar and his experts collected and edited antiphons according to the grammarian's principles of auctoritas, ratio, and usus.
The priest, in his black cassock, intoned into the sharp September wind, and the two respondents sang the antiphons, mostly "Gospodi po-mi-luy," meaning "Lord, have mercy." I stared into the hole in the earth.
Here we have the usual format of Vesper psalms preceded by plainchant antiphons and followed by motets or sonatas as antiphon substitutes, concluding with a hymn and Magnificat.
Antiphons reputation as an innovator, both as the first professional speech-writer and as the first to publish rhetorical treatises, is Pseudo-Plutarch's next topic.
In the sphere of Latin chant, Terence Bailey examines the Ambrosian double antiphons and concludes that they do not provide evidence of 'antiphonal' performance of the antiphon itself in the earliest stage of its evolution.
For example, she asserts that the collectiones mentioned by the Council of Agde (506 CE) are not collects but |collections of readings of lectiones read after the antiphons' (p.
Gregory the Great was the first to include prayers, antiphons, and biblical readings for Advent in the liturgical calendar around the late sixth century.
(46) He is another composer who is well represented in the codex, with ten motets and three antiphons.