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Robinson, a replacement for the injured Roby, produced a couple of impressive breaks in the opening quarter but England generally looked out of sorts and struggled to break down the enthusiastic defence of the Antipodeans.
Over more than a year's time, though, a frustrated Condo will paint in an additional smaller Antipodean, paint cloudlike mists onto the background, paint over the background, paint over the Antipodeans and paint a new, more somber resident.
Augie March - Moo You Bloody Choir - Sony BMG Augie March make music in a similar vein to fellow Antipodeans, Crowded House.
And once it is over, we automatically lose our right to address ourselves as world champions - a phrase that irritates Antipodeans everywhere.
The English rose look is only popular with Americans and Antipodeans it seems (think Nicole Kidman and Rene Zelleweger) and most of us want the glow of living in a hot country.