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Com Inc (OTC Pink sheets:VPLM) announced today the launch of PointsPhoneGuard, an antivirus program for Android smartphones and tablets.
The following is a minimum list of the system requirements for computers running the AVG antivirus program.
If you need further recommendation, I've been running the free AVG antivirus program on my Windows PCs for 10 years - and have yet to have a virus.
95 software defragments my hard drive and RAM (eliminating blank spaces and compressing data on the disk so the drive works faster), cleans my Registry, accelerates my Internet connections, guards against intruders and even comes bundled with an extraordinary antivirus program, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal.
Yet, once I was done, 1 still didn't have an answer to my original question: Which antivirus program should I buy?
The computers are loaded with Microsoft Office Pro, a CD-ROM and the district's antivirus program.
New viruses come out every single day, and an antivirus program that hasn't been updated for several months will not be as effective against current viruses.
of the United States, the vendor of the popular Norton Antivirus program.
An outdated antivirus program is almost as bad as not having one at all.
Many viruses are easy to detect and neutralize before they do any damage, but only if you have an antivirus program using the latest virus definitions.