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To select the core set of aesthetic antonyms from the collected ones, the 20 participants were asked to select some pairs of aesthetic antonyms from Table 2 that can describe their general feelings at first glance.
Here is a brief listing of some common antonyms that will serve to introduce students to word opposites, antonyms.
In this case, the finding is validated by grammatical features such as antonyms, synonyms, and tagging.
Prva cjelina, naslovljena Antonymy and antonyms, citatelja uvodi u temu postavljanjem kljucnih pitanja o potrebi i vaznosti izucavanja antonimije.
as well as synonyms and antonyms, Science Daily reported.
"The Word Wizard's Book of Synonyms and Antonyms" is an exciting title from the innovative language (English) series for young readers at guided reading level K.
In the middle of one list, where the narrator isspeaking of the charms of women, he also gives antonyms, some of which Davies read off on Saturday:"runts, trolls, long-necked pinheads…"
In this spellbinding book, the Word Wizard reveals the magical world of adjectives, including synonyms, antonyms and comparisons.
That said it is perhaps a little over-the-top of me to suggest that you describe yourself using the antonyms of these words as the headline indicates.
A scholar of the English language, Jeffries contributes to the study of what are popularly called opposites and sometimes also labeled antonyms or binaries.
Following the format introduced by the "Merl Bilingual Law Dictionary", this English/Spanish edition contains a wealth of contextual and related background information including definitions, synonyms, antonyms, abbreviations, specialized and background comments, comparison of terms, cross-references, specialized glossaries and lists and, in addition, hundreds of examples and their corresponding translations.
Contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to find delighted, content, thrilled etc.) and phonetically spell corrects 180,000 words (from "fizix" to physics).