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Furthermore, now is a good time to demonstrate to students the valuable use of the prefix and suffix to select an antonym.
In this case, the finding is validated by grammatical features such as antonyms, synonyms, and tagging.
Prva cjelina, naslovljena Antonymy and antonyms, citatelja uvodi u temu postavljanjem kljucnih pitanja o potrebi i vaznosti izucavanja antonimije.
A scholar of the English language, Jeffries contributes to the study of what are popularly called opposites and sometimes also labeled antonyms or binaries.
Following the format introduced by the "Merl Bilingual Law Dictionary", this English/Spanish edition contains a wealth of contextual and related background information including definitions, synonyms, antonyms, abbreviations, specialized and background comments, comparison of terms, cross-references, specialized glossaries and lists and, in addition, hundreds of examples and their corresponding translations.
Contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to find delighted, content, thrilled etc.
The lexicon takes the initial medical seed list as input, expands it with SentiWordNet synonyms and antonyms, attaching polarity score with each word, and finally filtering the final lexicon from unnecessary words.
The entries provide (as appropriate) the usual spelling, acronym, part of speech, status, usual pronunciation, alternative plural or singular form, etymology, onomastic, synonym, meaning, alternative forms used as other parts of speech, an example of use, and a list of antonyms.
These multiple choice questions were framed to test the knowledge of the language and asked for appropriate synonyms or antonyms to some words.
Collins Thesaurus contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to find delighted, content, thrilled etc.
95 plus p&p COLLINS THESAURUS contains 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to delighted, content, etc.
Combining Larousse high-grade content with ABBYY smart word look-up functionality and enjoyable users interface, Larousse Basic Spanish Dictionary, Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, and Spanish Verb Conjugation Dictionary will help Android users to efficiently explore and navigate the land of American Spanish, with no Internet connection required.