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The lexical relations that categorise this ideology are antonyms and synonyms.
The Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms contains Latin America s local terms and other words labeled in accordance with their regional usage.
When we compare the semantic components of the antonym pair naine 'woman' and mees 'man' with those of the pair naine 'woman' and ema 'mother', we find that the former pair are antonyms distinguished by the MALE feature, while the latter has two distinctive features-KINSHIP and GENERATION OLDER THAN SELF-that distinguish between the main senses of the pair members.
Did the use of a computer for homework and for the Internet have significant relationships with students' performance on standardized synonyms and antonyms tests?
Furthermore, now is a good time to demonstrate to students the valuable use of the prefix and suffix to select an antonym.
Such families of related synonyms and antonyms are not the exception, but the rule.
Webster's Thesaurus, with blue and green stripes, contains more than 85,000 synonyms and antonyms, a must-have for any writing assignment.
Each entry consists of a brief definition plus synonyms and antonyms, with over 85,000 words listed in an easy alphabetical arrangement.
The thesaurus offers over 2,500 entries, giving parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and sample sentences for each word, with small blue-tinted illustrations on most pages.
If being transparent means to seize the authority of a locally elected body and shift it to a 26-member council and claim it will ``cut the bureaucracy,'' then our legislators have confused ``transparent'' with its antonyms ``unclear and vague.
The handset, MWD-1490, has more than 300,000 definitions as well as over 500,000 synonyms and antonyms.
Explicitly teaching these strategies through the instruction of synonyms and antonyms in vocabulary lessons and encouraging the use of a variety of ways to communicate a message can greatly expand the potential for speech, and consequently, self-confidence in talented learners.