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AN, JOUR, ET WASTE. See Year, day, and waste.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Vikram, Anu and I are proud to bring to life the story of one of the most inspiring women of this country," said Vidya, who has been widely lauded for her versatility.
Vikram (Malhotra), Anu (Menon) and I are proud to bring to life the story of one of the most inspiring women of this country.
'Anu Plus is a fast growing cab hailing company with a desire to expand across our existing route network hence the partnership.
Combining the data gathered from satellites with a simulated model of water cycle and plant growth enabled them to understand underground water distribution better, said Albert van Dijk, a co-researcher in the study and a professor at the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society.
Speaking to Bombay Times , she said, "Anu Malik wanted me to come over to his place to jam with him.
It measures tiny movements in deep-space celestial objects and was able to determine that the object discovered by the team at ANU was sitting still and is likely to be a supermassive black hole.
| Anu will also be speaking at the RWAS Grassland event
As the interview proceeds, Anu is told about a fan of hers, a professor in his 50s.
The completed map: Ludwig Leichhardt overland expedition in Australia from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, 1844-45, National Centre of Biography, ANU, Canberra, 2017
Ahead of talks with Kuwaiti Ministry of Education officials on Monday, Chancellor of Australian National University (ANU) Gareth Evans said the move would "give an opportunity to showcase Kuwait." ANU's Arab and Islamic Centre, which he described as "the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere," teaches history, international relations, politics and culture to about 1,000 undergraduates a year.
But that hasn't stopped Anupurba - Anu to her pals - from joining in with the fun in the playground.