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To overcome the shortcomings of anycast like overhead of anycast RTS/CTS exchange, the authors propose convergent packet forwarding.
Different from earlier works, which either focus on static battery-powered network or minimize delay under energy constraints, in this work, we present a routing protocol based on anycast communications for forest monitoring in R-WSNs.
I found the auditorium, kitted with the Anycast Touch, quite interesting.
On the Internet, anycast is usually implemented by using BGP to simultaneously announce the same destination IP address range from many different places on the Internet, This results in packets addressed to destination addresses in this range being routed to the "nearest" point on the net announcing the given destination IP address.
* Anycast: An identifier for a set of interfaces (typically belonging to different nodes).
Webnames Anycast DNS enhances the performance, reliability and security of a website's DNS servers, by geographically distributing a website's nameserver information across a global network of DNS servers.
Ding, "Routing optimization algorithm for QoS anycast flows based on genetic algorithm," Computer Engineering, vol.
He covers its rationale and features, the IPv6 datagram, addressing, configuring node addresses, link-layer integration, Internet control message protocol, naming with DNS and selecting an address, routing and configuring routing, mobility, wireless IP, security, quality of service, multicast and "anycast," deploying IPv6 in IPv4 dominant networks, deploying IPv6 dominant networks with IPv4 support, migrating with application level gateways, transportation protocols, network management, porting applications, open-source software, best practices and case studies.
However, because many root servers actually implement anycast, where many different computers can share the same IP address to deliver a single service over a large geographic region, most of the physical (rather than nominal) root servers now operate outside the USA.
And a new address type has be, em introduced, called Anycast address, which can send a message to the nearest single member of a group.
Contract award notice: Anycast service for .es domains (spain-madrid: System and support services)
NAGRA, developer of the anyCAST Security Services Platform for Digital TV service providers, takes a different approach.