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With Afilias, we have a global Anycast network, so now when someone tries to reach a Binero-hosted website, they are more likely to reach it than if the site were hosted at another provider.
Afilias' state of the art DNS network ensures security and resiliency through a diverse anycast architecture.
Services include CDN-based DDoS mitigation, AnyCast DNS, and intrusion detection.
June 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In 1999, Rodney Joffe -- now senior vice president and senior technologist at NeuStar -- implemented the first large-scale commercial applications of IP Anycast for DNS while at UltraDNS, the Reston, Virginia-based managed domain name services company he founded.
At NAB, Conax will launch next generation multi-DRM solution in flagship security hub Conax Contego(TM), supporting Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Conax OTT Access and NAGRA anyCAST PRM.
Tenders are invited for Sony Anycast Touch Live Content Producer.
Like multicast, anycast has groups of nodes that send and receive data packets.
Yet many applications have more general communication needs such as mobility, multicast, and anycast.
Anycast is a network addressing and routing scheme whereby data is routed to the "nearest" or "best" destination as viewed by the routing topology.
The new root name server will use anycast technology to reduce the impact of possible denial of service attacks.
While there are 13 logical roots, with 13 unique IP addresses, since the October 2002 attacks there have been efforts underway to place mirrors of these servers in diverse locations, using IP anycast to appear like one server.
As a result, it quickly becomes a question whether a company will be able to get the same value from their own internal DNS servers or get more value from a widely dispersed - ideally Anycast - and mature feature set like the one Dyn offers.