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Also Lindner & Kemprud identified the median arcuate ligament as a structure variable in size, shape and position usually presented a round fibrous of 1 to 3 mm in width formed by condensing the fibrous margin of the two crura of diaphragm decussating to form the ventral border of the aortic hiatus easily observed by naked eye.
The anomalous insertion of the diaphragm crura, the hypertrophy or lowering its fibrous arcade, hardly constricts the proximal segment of the celiac trunk when it crosses the aortic hiatus (Marable et al., 1966; Stoney & Wylie; Harjola & Lahtiharju; Marable et al., 1968; Olivier et al.; Rubush; Bobbio & Zanella; Curl et al.; Conti et al.; Kieny & Dietz, 1973; Furnemont; Loffeld et al.).