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Tenders are invited for Supply of Medical Minor Equipment Abdomen refector size- m, airotor hand piece, alice forcep6 , alice forcep 10 , alice forcep 8, amsu bag paeoia silicon, ambjj bag adult silicon, ampoule cutter vith handle, apendix intestine forcep, artery forceps curved 6, artery forceps curved 8, artery forceps straight 6", artery forceps straight 8, autoclave machine 12" x12", bone lever size medium,bone marrow needle bp apparatus with charger digital, bp handle 3 no, bp handle 4 no_ central line, cervical biopsy forcep, Cheatle forceps 10 ", chittle forcep holding (bottle), chopper, corneal scissor s.s.
Apendixes contain a brief description of the activities presented during the course and a list of recommended readings for each day, the end-of-course feedback form, the instructor's checklist, useful tips for the instructor, and a list of extra activities.