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Cardionovum GmbH has begun a 150-patient clinical study of its paclitaxel-releasing, high-pressure shunt balloon dilatation catheter, Aperto.
said Manish Gupta, Vice President of Marketing & Alliances for Aperto Networks and WiMAX Forum Board Member.
8GHz equipment from Aperto Networks (Aperto), a provider of WiMAX Forum Certified base stations and subscriber units.
Exclusive Hafele principal Hawa in Switzerland has made significant improvements to their elegant and highly functional HAWA Aperto sliding and stacking glass wall system so each panel carried can now weigh up to 60kg.
Aperto is proud to be among the first to earn certification by the WiMAX Forum, and we believe that certification will be a catalyst for major service provider deployments in the market," said Aperto chairman and CEO, Reza Ahy.
and Aperto Networks jointly announced recently that Link3 has deployed Aperto's 3.
Intelco (International Telecommunications Ltd), the new telecommunications operator in Belize, and Aperto Networks, a provider of new generation scalable broadband wireless access systems, on April 7 announced deployment of Aperto's 2.
In the unfortunately rather unattractive Spazio Aperto (open space) that Bologna's Galleria d'Arte Moderna reserves for the work of young artists, Borghi showed pieces in her familiar style along with a new installation, Gioielleria "Tiffany" (Tiffany jewelers), 2000.
The PacketWAVE WiMAX-class broadband wireless solution from Aperto Networks, a supplier of WiMAX base stations and subscriber units, has been deployed by Turbonet, a wireless ISP in Turkey and member of the WiMAX Forum, for a trial in Istanbul.
One of the first products awarded certification, Aperto Networks' PacketMAX(R) 5000 base station, was developed based on Fujitsu's WiMAX System-on-chip technology.
No scandal can distract us from the luxury of the buffet: the slow tour of the thirty-one national pavilions; the beautiful expansion of the section of the show previously called "Aperto" (Open), which was reserved for artists under forty, but now, as "dApertutto" (a portmanteau meaning, loosely, Aperto for all), includes more than one hundred artists of every age and fills four additional restored industrial spaces in the old military compound, the Arsenale.