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Smartphone cameras have an aperture which is a tiny hole that allows light into the image sensor.
Dual aperture in a lens is one of the most used and implemented aspects of interchangeable lens cameras.
Ultimately, the square apertures produced better transfer efficiency rates, which improved dramatically with the use of an activated squeegee versus a standard squeegee.
When you get live TV on commercial airplanes, those are probably from distributed apertures," but the technological hurdles of building a distributed aperture terminal that receives and transmits signals from a moving vehicle on the ground are much greater, he said.
Beracha, "Complex multipole pulsed beams and Hermite pulsed beams: A novel expansion scheme for transient radiation from well-collimated apertures," J.
Electromagnetic shielding is considered as a powerful approach that prevents coupling of unwanted radiated electromagnetic energy into protected equipment, but the efficiency of shielding enclosures is degraded because of the existence of the slots and apertures for signal and power cable penetration , heat dissipation, peripherals and displays.
These results confirm previous studies that electric fields interior to regions inside of conducting vehicles with apertures may exceed the applied fields by as much as an order of magnitude at specific frequencies associated with cavity resonances of the vehicles' interior regions.
Below we will analyse how to choose the optimal quantity of acoustic array focusing areas with scanning array aperture to reach the even width of acoustic array beam receiving echo signals with the help of focusing.
66 or greater has been the criterion for stencil apertures to achieve acceptable volume control in the printed solder paste "brick" for small apertures.
The detection of viral and sub-viral sized apertures, voids, holes, blisters, contaminants, stress fractures, overlapped material, formulation defects and other anomalies is critical to the product's structural and performance function.