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Cardi B started the show as frontrunner, narrowly taking more nominations than Jay-Z and Beyonce for their Louvre-shot video "Apeshit" and Childish Gambino for his politically charged "This Is America."
There are inescapable hooks in Beyonce and Jay-Z's latest surprise release, 'Everything is Love'-from the irrepressible toe-tapper 'Heard About Us' and the dance-floor pounder 'LoveHappy,' to the edgy urgency conveyed in 'Apeshit.'
completely apeshit crazy and began pumping their arms into the air,
Logan would be using it to change an airline ticket or something and I'd be like "Wait, dude, we don't have money for that!" I'm sure it'd be a lot more fun to have the Billabong card or whatever and go apeshit, like, "We're staying at the Hilton!" Company cards in general make me nervous.
How could I know they were gonna go apeshit on my car?"