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It is known that the value in the 5th minute is more significant compared to the value in the first minute in evaluation of APGAR score used for urgent assessment of the newborn in the delivery room in determining the mortality rate and neurological status.
Researchers compared the school exam results of 877,000 Swedish teens with the Apgar scores of their infancy.
Also an extensive review of 25,069 births found that the duration of the second stage was not significantly associated with the risk of a low Apgar score or admission to a special care baby unit [10].
20 the odds of having an Apgar score < 7 at 5 minutes is 4.
Apgar score (<3) at 5 min and mortality of the colonized babies were significantly higher (P<0.
duration of pushing, cord blood pH, and Apgar score after 1 min) all displayed significant correlations with plasma proBNP and BNP within the group of infants of women with diabetes and suboptimal metabolic control.
Other complications included intrapartum nonreassuring fetal status (67%), 5-minute Apgar score <7 (52%), maternal blood transfusion (24%), neonatal hypoxic injury (14%), hysterectomy (14%), and endometritis (10%).
A healthy baby boy was delivered; he weighed 3050 g and had an Apgar score of 9 at 1 minute.
The study in the March 8 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE also finds that the older group didn't have an increased risk of having babies who were premature, who died shortly after birth, who were small for their gestational age or who had a low Apgar score, which assesses a newborn's physical health.