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Of these, some forty-eight are citations of the Apocrypha, (59) though none draw from the Maccabean literature.
This is when the apocrypha form becomes especially useful as a means of getting one's message across only to those intelligent and well-educated readers who are likely to understand it.
The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene: Legends, Apocrypha, and the Christian Testament.
The sources for many of these tales lie in the enduring spiritual heritage a s recorded in folklore and apocrypha.
The libretto includes some of the biblical texts, the Apocrypha, verses by Hildegard von Bingen, and poems in Spanish by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Rosario Castellanos, Ruben Dario and Vicente Huidobro.
used genetic data to discredit the Book of Mormon claim that American Indians are descendants of ancient Israel in an article published in the May 2002 Signature Books anthology "American Apocrypha.
The contradictions and ambiguities to which this gave rise, as different texts make varying use of the same conceptual legacies, are explored here, in a study that is of importance for students of theology, popular religion, apocrypha, liturgy, history of ideas, Old English and Anglo-Latin literature, and lexis.
The text is made up of selections from the Old Testament -- about thirty per cent -- and of the Apocrypha -- about fifteen per cent of the totals.
It turns out that we were handed a piece of apocrypha with last month's item about Norman Mineta's being left off an invitation to a Carter White House honoring the Japanese Prime Minister because Carterites thought he was Italian.
This poem is from CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY's new collection, Star Apocrypha, published by TriQuarterly Books this March.