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"I hope those Lebanese who are here with us today, along with millions of others back home in Lebanon, will again show the world how they can transcend fear -- in order to use those 2013 legislative elections to defeat the remnants of the Syrian occupation and reject the apologists of Assad's butchery," he said.
The most original aspect of this book is Nasrallah's attempts to link the debates in which these apologists participated to the physical surroundings of the urban fabric.
This week during the plenary sessions of the Parliament held in Strasbourg, Ambassador Aryasinha who addressed the 'Friends of Sri Lanka' of the European Parliament - a cross party group which comprises 25 MEPs from over 10 EU member countries, drew attention to this issue, and urged them to prevail upon European institutions and their respective home governments "to prevent efforts by LTTE apologists to seek to discredit Sri Lanka, which having overcome its 30 year long struggle against LTTE terrorism, is now firmly embarked on a path of reconciliation and development".
Based on her close reading of the works of Catholic apologist Pedro de Valencia and others, Magnier describes in detail the ways in which the Moriscos were maligned, how Valencia urged conversion missions of the Moriscos, his part in their eventual expulsion from Spain, and his theological exegesis on the subject of their beliefs.
They may be a holocaust merchant (as Norman Finklestein would have put it), a philosopher and a film producer but first and foremost they are apologists for a fascist country with a government that kills women and children, builds settlements in Palestinian land (all Israel is an illegal outpost until an independent Palestinian state is created), and has turned Gaza Strip into an open air Nazi concentration camp.
This short book, dedicated to the famous apologist, Francis Schaeffer, contains endnotes, a short bibliography in chapter five, scripture index, and subject index.
Does the Israeli government and their apologists honestly believe that shelling innocent kids flattening houses and collectively punishing a nation is the way to solve the Middle East crisis?
It has been my long-term experience that UBC and its corrupt ilk primarily exist to staff the ranks of apologists, paid to window dress this plunder of our natural capital.
Just because we libertarians support free markets doesn't mean we should become apologists for companies that run contrary to all standards of ethical conduct--companies that care only about maximizing their profits at the expense of all else.
Consequently, effective evangelizers, educators, and apologists should, and sometimes do, share one characteristic: a contagious enthusiasm.
The papal apologists at The New York Times expressed surprise in their article on the encyclical that the Pope did not denounce the abomination of gay marriage.
He and his apologists for thuggery should take a walk through a bunch of neds some night and see if they escape without being happy slapped.