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She further requested the media to play its role and make sure terrorist apologists are not given airtime.
WASHINGTON: Lebanon has a moral obligation to support the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad and should use upcoming elections to reject "the apologists of Assad's butchery," a senior U.
The Ambassador said despite his being present and demanding Sri Lanka's 'right of reply', its denial by the Presiding officer at the time, "leaves the unmistakable impression that the Human Rights Sub-Committee is not interested in having a reasoned and balanced discussion on Sri Lanka, but is merely content to allow itself (the European Parliament) to be used as a platform for LTTE apologists to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka".
Based on her close reading of the works of Catholic apologist Pedro de Valencia and others, Magnier describes in detail the ways in which the Moriscos were maligned, how Valencia urged conversion missions of the Moriscos, his part in their eventual expulsion from Spain, and his theological exegesis on the subject of their beliefs.
Blazevska notes that, had they been real academicians, they would have dissolved MANU as a failed society of deceased apologists and they would have joined their fellow pensioners in a game of chess in the city park.
After The Three Musketeers, the Hosni campaign has inspired The Three Apologists, or Elie Wiesel, Bernard-Henri Levy and Claude Lanzmann who jointly penned an article in Le Monde accusing the Egyptian candidate of "rampant Judeophobia", calling his candidacy scandalous and talking of "the shame of a disaster foretold.
How many of her apologists would argue that the selling off of state utilities such as energy, water and public transport has done anything other than create poorer services and higher prices?
The Apologetics Study Bible" features introductions and notes for each of the 66 books comprising the Bible, more than 130 informative articles, biographical sketches of renowned Christian apologists, a timeline of Christian apologists and their works, thematically relevant archaeological charts, five full color maps, and an extensive annotated bibliography.
Now no doubt the usual apologists will say that "its only about litter", etc etc etc, and excuse it away.
A: Apologetics is good for the soul and character of the apologists and the character of the Christian community.
Written in plain terms especially for novice to intermediate Christian apologists, The Christian Combat Manual offers straightforward responses to some of the most common criticisms of Christian beliefs, values, and ethics ("How can you claim that God exists when there is so much pain, suffering, and evil in the world?