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The two ELISA tests showed apositive correlation with the bacterial load, and the average of the EIs, as well as their amplitudes, increased in proportion to the BI, especially for the PGL-1 ELISA test.
APOSITIVE TRENDS Age For a Grade 1 novice chase, older horses have a good record with five winners older than seven in the last ten years from relatively few to have tried.
The European Commission has increased its 2015 economic growth forecasts for both the EU and the Eurozone, citing a number of apositive economic tailwindsa.
Finally, after a Christmas to forget went from Bradford to worse in January, theclaret and blues had apositive platform on which to build.
Of course, poverty reduction can have apositive effect on income distribution only when it eliminates unemployment widely or even permanently.
We know that this is having apositive impact on children's ' literacy and numeracy skills.
The simplest of these is a lateral flow device that contains a nitrocellulose detection strip that has two 1mm wide lines deposited in parallel, one with the neoglycoconjugate to detect human IgM antibodies to PGL-I (the testline, T), and the other containing human IgM as apositive control line (C).
Infact, one of Russia's largest investment banks is staking on a substantial synergy effectfrom operations by Rosbank within the Societe Generale group, which could evoke apositive response from investors.
Northern Ireland's first goal was a present but we reacted in apositive way.
However, with Arsenal unbeaten in 16 games heading into today's FA Cup fifth-round tie against Burnley and looking to book a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League with apositive result atRomathis week, Wenger remains confident for the remainder of the season.
Overall, he describes diversifying into aerospace as apositive move and the company has benefited from taking part in the LiftOff programme.
APOSITIVE trading update from the UK's largest software maker Sage failed to impress the City yesterday as shares fell almost seven points.