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Etisalat CEO Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar said the latest results showed 'the outstanding performance of Etisalat UAEA and a Apositive performance in Asia'.
Before I had gone on that trip I hadpublished a Viewpoint entitled 'We Want Abe!' which now in Japan is regarded as having been very timely.It is somewhat of a peculiarity, but Tokyo does strike me as one of those cities where just a short time therecan give you a boost your mood, and it certainly felt to me that there was more traffic on the roads and apositive feeling of anticipation around from virtually everyone I spoke to.
Donegal Celtic, who face Dungannon Swifts at Stangmore Park tomorrow, have enjoyed apositive run of recent form in the league.
It's a fact that patients who have apositive attitude are better equipped to dealwith the treatment," informs Dr Kaul.
Metcalfe, "Immunological detection and cytotoxic properties of toxins from toxin Apositive, toxin B-positive Clostridium difficile variants," Journal of Medical Microbiology, vol.
to get back prevent happening place "Children in Wales grow up surrounded by drinks industry marketing - in shops, in the street, and in the sponsorship of many of their favourite sports - all helping to createanidea of drinking as apositive lifestyle choice.
The absence of aline in the test zone indicated anegativeresult, while apositive result was graded in intensity from 1 + to 4 + .
Today's announcement arrives on the heels of the mainframe's apositive worldwide traction, as reported by IBM in its second-quarter earnings results.
Ashok Gupta, Chief Executive (GCC Operations), Bank of Baroda: Apositive budget with special emphasis on the inclusive growth of all lower end segments.
aPositive changes are due to the company's devoted business-streamlining effortsa, Magnit IR director, Oleg Goncharov said.
In each of 10 patients, eight teeth with a residual probing depth of 5 mm following periodontal therapy were randomly assigned to the following interventions: the glycine powder air-polishing (GPAP) group, which was the test group; the sodium bicarbonate air-polishing group (SBAP), which was apositive control group; the hand instrumentation group, also a positive control group; and a no-treatment group that was a negative control group.