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APOSTACY, Eng. law. A total renunciation of the Christian religion, and differs from heresy. (q.v.) This offence is punished by the statute of 9 and 10 W. III. c. 32. Vide Christianity.

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Mackintosh's other presented writings include "A Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt on His Apostacy from the Cause of Parliamentary Reform", "A Discourse on the Law of Nature and nations", and "On the State of France in 1815".
Laws against idolatry provided an insulated space for the prophecy by which later generations of Christians could become witnesses of Christ:</p> <pre> The circumstance of the Mosaic Dispensation were these--To shew the great power of God and by the immediate consequences [of] their frequent apostacy from him to shew the hateful Effects of Idolatry the Jews were chosen above all others--a people of a stupid and earthly imagination and blindly addicted to idolatrous Rites from the splendid Ceremonies and sensual Pleasures which attended them.